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Author Topic: My Dear Pa Pa  (Read 6388 times)
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« on: August 10, 2011, 08:00:00 PM »

My Dear Pa Pa (5TH April 2011)

     “Asslamu Aliakum”

# Thank you Pa Pa
I heartily thank you for everything.
Thank you for your concerned up bringing
Fresh and warm with your heart so touching.

# No words could be matched to express how I am blessed
By Almighty Allah when you taught me the points, significant.

# I owe you my sincere reverence
For your love and care, showered with fragrance.

# Thank you for the hugs and words
Whenever I was offended and hurt.

# I am so grateful to you Pa Pa, for your teachings of Islam
You reflected the good deeds of Islam and enriched my wisdom.

# My heart has turned out to be so pure and wholesome
When I am sure of Allah’s blessings gained through my Pa Pa.

# “Time” is so much obliged to you
As you always used it to say your prayers due.

# The wealth that you possessed is so proud and impressed
For the way you spent it was so divine and sacred.

#Pa Pa, you left for the Hereafter with a smile so tender
Leaving me with full confidence to follow you one day, for sure (Insha Allah).

#Worry not for us but peacefully accept our prayers and good deeds for you
For, Allah the Almighty is there for you and us, and He fondly knows you
Through the devotion and commitments you have humbly shown towards Him.
Rest assured Pa Pa, in the heaven (Masha Allah), and continue
With your instinctive dedication (Ebadath) towards Allah, the Almighty, the most Merciful.

( May Allah Subhunal Allahu Thaala bless and grant Pa Pa and all the arwaa with Jannah)

My Pa Pa answered the called of Allah the Almighty peacefully on 5th April 2011. He has been having on constant check up and treatment for his heart for more than a decade. He had full faith in Allah for his heart problem and always recited the dua for the heart placing his hand on his heart after every prayers.  After his medical pension from the government service he devoted himself to the Muslim Free Hospital taking the post Honorary Medical Superintendent in the year1992. He was blessed by Allah Subhunal Allahu Thaala that he had not even minor complaint but with the medication and the Dua going on.
 Then, the big test from Allah Subhunal Allahu Thaala came to him on 5th Feb, 2011. He was diagnosed of liver cancer in which the state was too late to take the treatment as he was 76. He was moved by this to some extent but soon managed to leave everything to Allah the Almighty.He kept reciting another dua for his liver and health, warning us not to lose faith in Allah the most merciful if he was not cured for Allah never neglects a Dua and thus he would be blessed in the Hereafter. He became quite feeble and delicate in the third week of March and was bed ridden. All he asked was the time for prayers and his request was to clean him well , not to keep him "na pak". All the time he kept his eyes closed except for asking the time. He peacefully passed away in the early morning of 5th April exactly 2 months from the day of diagnose.

After the " Gussul" his face was almost smiling and turned to Quiblah as he was laid on the floor.
From the day of diagnose, he did not complain about any pain from within. His face did not at all
frown a bit out of pain. His faith in Allah Subhunal Allahu Thaala  saved him from the pain which actually is excruciating and need painkillers hourly. It was so obvious that all the physicians and the doctors couldn't believe it. A man who appears just as an ordinary man  in our eyes but the miracle exposed on him was so obvious that thinking about it give me so much comfort when ever I miss my Pa Pa.

My conclusion is to have full faith in Allah Subhunal Allahu Thaala for everything and never give up your hope for a wish. Whether to grant you with that or not, or in this life or in the Hereafter, WHO are we to judge? Allah Knows Best!

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