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Author Topic: IBLEES SPEAKS  (Read 6161 times)
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« on: December 02, 2010, 03:14:24 AM »

Assalam alaikum wa wb,,,hope evry1z fine by Allah's grace and mercy...well actually i cme across a story and wanted to share with u all...
Iblis (Satan) organised an international conference, which was attended by his followers from all over the
world. In his opening address, he said:
“Oh my friends and helpers, we cannot stop righteous, pious people - believers in Allah, from going to the
mosques. We cannot stop them from reading their Holy Book and familiarising themselves with the Truth. We
cannot stop them from establishing a deep and meaningful relationship with Allah. But remember, if they are
successful in establishing this relationship with their Rubb, we will lose our hold on them. Remember, Allah
has told me about them: “Indeed, over My (believing) servants there is for you no authority.”
“So let them go to their place of worship and let them continue with their normal routine. But snatch one
thing away from them - their time. Then they will not be able to establish the required connection with their
Creator. This is what I want you to do. O my followers, make them inattentive and careless in achieving that
closeness, that important relationship with Allah, which is the purpose of their existence. Without bonding with
Him, their lives will become meaningless.”
The delegates loved every word he said. This mission gave meaning to their lives. They sat up and asked:
“How shall we do it, O Master?”
“It’s not difficult,” said Iblis. “Just keep them preoccupied and contented with the unimportant, unnecessary
things in their lives. Be creative. Invent numerous ways to keep them busy, busy, busy.”
“Incite them to spend extravagantly and then go around borrowing for their needs. Encourage the wives to
spend and spend. Plant ambition in the husbands - they must be ahead in the race for money, status, power.
Let them work and work 18-20 hours a day, 7 days a week, to compete in fulfilling the demands of their
material self. Deprive them of time to spend with their children. As the family gradually becomes
dysfunctional and falls apart, their homes will cease to be a source of peace. With the increasing pressure of
work, reluctant to go home, they will look for that peace outside. Make their minds so occupied, they will not
be able to hear that small voice crying out to them that something is not right.”
“Encourage them to turn on their radios, CDs and cassettes when they are driving. At home, make sure their
PCs , TVs , VCRs, DVD Players and radios are operating round the clock. Let their mobile phones ring
incessantly. Their minds, numbed by all the activity, will have no time to think of Allah or their duty to worship
Him, at least in the way they should. This way their connection with Allah will be weakened.”
“Fill up their tables with magazines and newspapers. Assault them with a barrage of news, so that their
minds are constantly occupied. On the road, let them be distracted by massive billboards and ads, tempting
them to buy things they don’t need. Flood their mail-boxes with letters and junk mail. Whatever little time they
have left, will be taken up by this.”
“In their recreational activities, let them be excessive. When they return home, they will be so tired and
irritable, they will remain so the whole of next week. And don’t let them go near nature, in case they ponder
and reflect on Allah’s signs in the universe; instead send them to concerts, cinemas, and stadiums. Keep them
busy, busy, busy.”
“Convince them that religion is ‘personal’, the inherited beliefs of their ancestors are best and that ‘majority
is authority’. Even when they attend assemblies of Allah’s remembrance, keep their minds preoccupied with
worldly thoughts. Or let the arguments between religious scholars where each one claims that he is the only one
on the right path, make them so disturbed that they will not go to such assemblies again. And make them waste
their goods deeds by gossiping and backbiting.”
“March forward my commandos. Busy them in winning each others hearts and flood their lives with so many
good aims, they will have no time to ask Allah for help in achieving them. Very soon they will exhaust
themselves, sacrificing their health and their family life for these ‘lofty’ goals. This will be good, this will be
super, this will be great!”
What a convention it was! Such a roaring success! What a thunderous applause! With great zealousness
and enthusiasm, all the delegates – Satan’s forces went their respective ways and got cracking with their
assigned tasks.
So Iblis succeeded in his mission and the believers were seen running around here and there, busy, busy,
BE WARNED! Iblis means ‘deprived of hope’, ‘in utter despair’ and his abode is Hell. He has set out to
destroy Adam’s descendants, “except for few.”
May we, by Allah’s grace, be amongst those who recognise Satan’s wiles and do not fall prey to them.

The final & the most important journey of a man begins with his One leg wrapped to the other leg (in the death shroud) {waltafatul saaqu bil saaq}...the only thing that takes him forward to the blissfull destination are his GOOD DEEDS.....are we ready for it?
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« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2010, 10:24:40 PM »

wa alaykum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
jzk for the post , may allaah help us all to remember it in times of ignorance and becomeof the successful ones, amin.
also just a reminder brother, after every prophet we shoould say alayhis salam e.g adam alayhis salam :second last verse of sura albaqara (285) ...they(the believers) say we make no distiction between one another of his messengers and they say "we hear and we obey"
the prophet s.a.w said whoever recites the last two verses of sura albaqara at night that will be sufficient for him (sahih albukhari)

"O Allah! you are the turner of the hearts so fix my heart upon your religion" Muslim 4/2045
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« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2010, 11:35:00 PM »

Assalam alaikum wa wb sister
jazak allah 4 ur inputs inshallah it will help us all
tc assalam alaikum

The final & the most important journey of a man begins with his One leg wrapped to the other leg (in the death shroud) {waltafatul saaqu bil saaq}...the only thing that takes him forward to the blissfull destination are his GOOD DEEDS.....are we ready for it?
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