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Author Topic: TYPES OF SHIRK  (Read 13474 times)
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Definitions: Shirk basically is polytheism i.e the worshop of others along with ALLAH. It also implies attributing divine attributes to any other besides ALLAH. It particularly implies associating partners in worship with ALLAH or to belive that the source of power,harm or blessings is from others beside ALLAH.
Types: There are three types of Shirks,namely;
1). ASH-SHIRK-AL –AKBAR i.e Major Shirk,
2). ASH-SHIRK-AL-ASGHAR,i.e Minor Shirk,
3). ASH-SHIRK-AL-KHAFI,i.e Inconspicous Shirk.

Manifestations: 1). ASH-SHIRK-AL –AKBAR (Major Shirk): The Major and serious polytheistic form has four aspects
(a). Shirk-ad-Dua i.e Invocations. This aspect implies invoking,supplicationg or praying to other deities beside ALLAH.
(b). Shirk-al-Niyyah wal-Iradah wal-Qasd. This aspect implies intentions,purpose and determination in acts of worship or religious deeds not for the sake of ALLAH but directed towards other deities.
(c).Shirk-at-Ta’a. This aspect implies rendering obedience to any authority against the order of ALLAH.
(d) Shirk-al-Mahabbah. This aspect implies showing the love which is due to Allah alone,to others than him i.e loving someone or something more than ALLAH.

(2). ASH-SHIRK-AL-ASGHAR,i.e Minor Shirk,AR- RIYA: This aspect implies any act of worship or any religious deed odne to acquire fame or praise.

(3) SHIRK-AL-KHAFI,i.e Inconspicous Shirk. This ype of Shirk involves being inwardly dissatisfied with the inevitable condition that has being ordained for one by ALLAH;conscientiously lamenting that had you done or not done such and such or had you approached such and such you would have had a better status,etc


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