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Author Topic: PARENTS  (Read 4029 times)
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« on: February 18, 2010, 02:53:06 AM »


O human, ponder on your creation for a moment.
Of this fact you are unaware,
when you were an infant, with your fragile little body,
you would sleep cuddled against your Mother’s bosom.
How weak and thin her body was,
but still your Mother used to perform tasks for you.
For 2 years did she wean you with her milk,
from the hot and cold seasons did she protect you.
If she had forgotten to give you milk,
you would cry and take account of your Mother.
When you would cry, then she would cry alongside you.

She was lost in her intoxicating love for you.
She would sacrifice her rest and comforts for you.
She would remain awake herself to put you to sleep.
Just so she could keep a watch over you,
she would sleep on one side all night
Singing a lullaby of “Allah, Allah” whilst patting you gently,
she would fall asleep resting her hand on your waist.
She would awaken before you when you had
only just started to make a little noise,
and she would be up in a shot to quieten you down.
In case you may fall whilst turning sides,
she would place two pillows, to your right and left.
If due to coldness you would wet the bedding,
and cry restlessly due to coldness,
then she would put you to sleep in her lap,
and lie you down on her warm bedding.

When you would fall ill during childhood,
then it wasn’t you that suffered, it was her.
Then you started speak that which you had learnt from your Mother,
then you started to walk and then run.
Until you hadn’t arrived home from school,
your Mothers restless heart never gained rest.
If after playing you would not return home,
her eyes would stay fixed on the gate.

Your Father toiled through hardships
and spent on you whilst selling his house.
He worked night and day to get you educated,
remained hungry himself to feed you.
Your Mother’s supplication was with you step by step.

Then you stepped into the life of youth.
You used to walk with your chest puffed up,
as if you was going to rip up this earth.
You felt very proud of your power,
you thought everyone else were ordinary birds
whilst you was a Royal Falcon.

You started to show the colours of youth against your Mother.
You began to hanker over a fairy looking woman,
who was white in complexion and had thick black hair.
That fairy looking woman then became your bride.
In your yearning for her you got lost so much that
you stopped enquiring about your Parents.
You started to eat at fancy restaurants,
and started to go shopping everyday.

What your Father had kept saved of his wealth,
you spent it all on pleasures and luxuries.
Today when they are not quick-witted and destitute,
and long for two rotis from you.
Whose share of meat you used to eat,
today you find it hard to feed them two rotis.

Your imaan started to weaken as such,
that you started to quarrel with them time after time.
And then one day your Mother said this much to you:
“O weak hearted! In this old age, do not turn away from us.
We have no-one besides you, apart from you we cannot rely on anybody”.
Then how you turned and said to your Mother:
“I do not have the strength anymore, quickly get out of my sight,
go outside and drop dead somewhere!!”

Of this sentence of yours they got worried,
all their dreams went aflame and turned to ashes.
This day brought upon them by their only child.
Their pleas went unheard, they fell at your feet and cried:
“Where are we going to go?
Wherever we are going to go we’ll get knocked about.”

Your wife had such an influence on you,
that their pleas didn’t have any effect upon you.
In a state of grief and crying, they started to leave,
along with them the walls and doors of the house also started crying.
Upon listening to their pleas even the Arsh (of Allah) started to shake.
But still your hard-heart didn’t have mercy.
They cried to Allah and supplicated.
And it was Allah that granted them comfort.

The clouds of sorrow that were hanging, dispersed.
The few days that were remaining of their life, passed by.
They lived that quantity of life which was destined for them.
Your Father passed away,
and then your Mother also departed (from this world).
Even in their dying moments they remembered you..
They breathed the air of your love
and supplicated on your behalf whilst passing away.

The days of your life also passed by.
Now that the chapter of your youth has passed,
the reality of life dawned upon you.

So what happened now?

Now look at your own condition,
how much power of effect old age has on you.
You find in difficult to move around,
everyone is fed up of their service towards you.
Nobody is willing to sit beside you and share your sorrows.
Nobody addresses you with a straight face.

Your wife’s state is also like this,
not any better, but just like yours.
You are both paralysed, dependent and helpless,
you are unable to earn or eat yourselves.
Now that you cry of your fate,
you sit down and make garlands of tears.
Never did you think you would see such sour days,
you now reside in the apartment of servants.

Your children are not free from their businesses,
and they do not need you today.
Now you start to remember your Parents,
you start to see their faces in front of you.
You may cry in distress and lament all you want now,
your Father shall never rise and come back and nor will your Mother.

You start to cry now over your mistakes.
You start to yearn for death from Allah.
But death is incapable of itself.
How will you acquire peace when it is not within reach.
Life has yet to make you suffer,
it is to bring forth a new calamity everyday.

Why did you forget Allah’s commands?
Why did you hurt your Parents feelings?
Of who Allah says do not say a word of “uff” and stay respectful towards,
then why did you trouble them in old age?
Why did you forget the laws of Qur’an?
Now suffer in this world as recompense,
and then Allah shall throw you into the fire of hell.

Yes it is possible (that this may happen).
So seek forgiveness from Allah,
whilst lamenting, supplicate on their behalf..
Give alms in way of charity and pray some optional prayers,
and then bestow the reward upon your Parents.
For if they are pleased, then so shall Allah be pleased
Because their happiness is His happiness.

It is true, if you show love towards your Parents, fulfil their rights,
by serving your Parents and acquiring their supplications,
then he shall attain Jannah as a reward from Allah.
If you seek the mercy of your Lord O’ Sulaiman, (the poet is addressing himself)
then strive in their servitude by night and day.

O human, ponder on your creation for a moment.
Of this fact you are unaware.

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