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Author Topic: Contemplating the Qurʾan  (Read 1310 times)
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Contemplating the Qurʾan

From: Madaraj As salikin by Ibn Qayyim Al Jawzia,

As for “contemplating the Qurʾan,” it is attained when the heart concentrates on
its meanings, and the mind becomes focused on thinking about it and understanding
it, which means the purpose of its revelation, not mere recitation
without understanding or reflection.

God the Exalted has said:
[It is] a Book We have revealed to you abounding in good that they may
ponder over its verses, and that those endowed with understanding may
be mindful. [38:29]
Do they not then reflect on the Qurʾan, or are their hearts locked up?
We have made it an Arabic Qurʾan so that you may understand. [43:3]
Al-Ḥasan said [concerning this last verse], “He has revealed the Qurʾan so that
it may be pondered and reflected on and acted upon.”

There is nothing more beneficial and salvific for a servant of God, in this
life and the next, than pondering the Qurʾan, meditating on it for long periods
of time, concentrating one’s thoughts on the meanings of its verses. For they
enlighten the very depths of one’s being about the essence of good and evil,
the ways that correspond to each of them, their causes, ends, fruits, and the
destination of those who follow each.

One acquires keys to treasures of success
and beneficial knowledge; the bases of faith deepen into his heart, its foundations
become secure, and its pillars stable. [Its verses] show him the images of
the reality of this world and afterlife, heaven and hell in his heart.

They take
him on a tour of the nations [of the past], showing him the days of God10 in
them and the occasions of learning lessons. They make him witness the justice
and grace of God, the being of God and His names, attributes, and deeds, what
He loves and despises, the path that takes to Him, and awaits His seeker upon
his arrival, and the bandits and calamities on the path.

They edify him about
his soul and its attributes, the spoilers and corruptors of deeds, the path of the
people of the Garden and the path of the people of hellfire, their states, their
signs, the ranks of the successful as well as those of the condemned, the types
of people and their agreement in what they agree and disagreement in what
they disagree.
10 The reference is to Q. 14:5, where Moses is charged with reminding the Israelites of “the
days of God.”
chapter 6 41
وأما التأمل في القرآن فهو تحديق ناظر القلبإلى معانيه، وجمع الفكر على تدبره وتعقله، وهو المقصود
بإ نزاله لا مجرد تلاوته بلا تفهم ولا تدبر.
قال اللهّٰ تعالى: ﴿كتِاَبٌأَ نزْلَنْاَه إُِليَكَْمبُاَركٌَ ليِدََّبَرّوُا آياَتهِ وِلَيِتَذَكََرّ أَُولوُ الْأَلبْاَبِ﴾ [ص: 29 ]، وقال
تعالى: ﴿أَفلَاَ يتَدََبَرّوُنَ القْرُآْنَ أَمْ علَىَ قلُوُبٍأَقفَْالهُاَ﴾ [محمد: 24 ]، وقال تعالى: ﴿أَفلَمَْ يدََّبَرّوُا القَْوْلَ﴾
[المؤمنون: 68 ]، وقال تعالى: ﴿إِنَاّ جَعلَنْاَه قُرُآْناً عرََبًيِاّ لعَلََكّمُْ تعَْقلِوُنَ﴾ [الزخرف: 3]. وقال الحسن:
نزل القرآن ليتدبر و يعمل به، فاتخذوا تلاوته عملا.ً
فليسشيء أنفع للعبد في معاشه ومعاده وأقربإلى نجاته من تدبر القرآن وإطالة التأمل، وجمع
الفكر على معاني آياته، فإنها تطلع العبد على معالم الخير والشر بحذافيرهما، وعلى طرقاتهما وأسبابهما
وغاياتهما وثمراتهم، ومآل أهلهما، وٺتل في يده مفاتيح كنوز السعادة والعلوم النافعة، وٺثبتقواعد
الإيمان في قلبه، وتشيد بنيانه، وتوطد أركانه، وتر يه صورة الدنيا والآخرة والجنة والنار في قلبه،
وتحضره بين الأمم، وتر يه أيام اللهّٰ فيهم، وتبصره مواقع العبر، وتشهده عدل اللهّٰ وفضله، وتعرفه
ذاته وأسماءه وصفاته وأفعاله، وما يحبه وما يبغضه، وصراطه الموصل إليه، وما لسالكيه بعد الوصول
والقدوم عليه، وقواطع الطر يق وآفاتها، وتعرفه النفسوصفاتها، ومفسداتالأعمال ومصححاتها،
وتعرفه طر يق أهل الجنة وأهل النار وأعمالهم وأحوالهم وسيماهم، ومراتب أهل السعادة وأهل
الشقاوة، وأقسام الخلق واجتماعهم فيما يجتمعون فيه وافتراقهم فيما يفترقون فيه.

upon him every moment his determination sags and steps slow down: The ride
from the truth, and makes difficult matters exceedingly easy for him, and calls
the great suffering.

It secures his heart against perversion, desertion, deviance
to the licit and the illicit and stop him from transgressing them lest he fall into
in his blessings through thankfulness to his Exalted Lord, and call his attention
him against the paths of innovation and deviation, encourage him to increase
darknesses of human opinions and schools to the one right path, strengthen
to reduce his burden for the meeting of the heavy day, guide him through the
promise, warn and threaten him from a dreadful chastisement, encourage him
Its meanings continue to inspire the servant toward His Lord with beautiful
creation and command.

lessons, stories and parables, causes and judgments, beginnings and ends, in
normative commands and decree (qadar), the licit and illicit, admonition and
that are most clear and perfect. [It also includes] commands and prohibitions,
ful chastisement untouched by pleasure, relief, happiness, or delight, in details
bitterness, and what He has prepared for His enemies of the abode of bane-
His allies of the abode of ultimate bounty untouched by pain, annoyance, or
[Its meanings include] faith in the Last Day, and what God has prepared for
one is conceived in the womb of his mother to the day his Lord receives him.
world and the lower world, and what they do for humankind, from the moment
by His leave and will, and what they have been appointed to do in the higher
His creation as well as carriers of His command, and their arranging of affairs
them. [Its meanings include] belief in God’s angels, who are His messengers in
ness of their prophethood, their rights, and the rights of the One who sent
messengers, and mention of the proofs of their truth, evidence for the soundof
perfection, and His being above any attribute of deficiency, and faith in the
demonstration, and knowledge of God and what He possesses of the attributes
The meanings of the Qurʾan turn on the affirmation of divine unicity and its
respect to people becomes different altogether.

heart strength, life, vastness, expansion, blossom, and delight. His conduct with
separate guidance from error, misguidance from rectitude, and give him in his
as truth and falsehood as falsehood, and give him a standard and a light to
from falsehood in everything that is disputed in the world; they show him truth
from the world as if he were not in it anymore, separating for him the truth
Qurʾanic verses] present the afterlife to him as if he were in it, removing him
essary for the servant to know, witness, and ponder these six matters. [The
the humiliation and chastisement that lies in this ignominious path. It is nechim
three other things: what the devil calls to, the path that leads to him, and
and the generous reward that awaits him upon arrival. In contrast, they teach
They teach him of the true Lord who is called upon, the way to reach Him,

From: Madaraj As salikin by Ibn Qayyim Al Jawzia, translated by Ovamir Anjum
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