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Author Topic: Cordoba Academy 3RD International Retreat: Thailand/Malaysia: Pattani Cradle of  (Read 3045 times)
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« on: September 18, 2016, 06:58:57 AM »


Cordoba Academy
is privileged to announce
it's 3rd International
*Sacred Path Retreat*
*Thailand/Malaysia 2016*
December 17 - 25

This exclusive 9 day retreat offers
you the wonderful chance to
combine intensive study in
the company of classical
scholarship & wholesome
leisure in a unique life
changing experience

Set foot on the *Sacred Path* & study classical works.

Stay in the company of genuine scholarship observing and absorbing prophetic character around the clock.

Small group size allowing for focus on individual student needs.

Meet with the hidden gems of the Pattani region.

Discover & learn about the Islamic heritage of the region.

Learn the culture, see the hospitality, & savour the taste of the local cuisine.

Enjoy the healthy activities & beautiful nasheeds.

And so much more...

With the following resident teachers from around the world:

Shaykh al-Muqri Ali
Sultan al-Jalabina

Specialises in Quran &
Comparative Fiqh works.

Sh al-Sharif Hasan ibn
Ali al-Kittani

Specialises in Maghribi &
classical Maliki works.

Sh Mohammed Daniel
al-Muhajir al-Dimishqi

Specialises in Hadith &
Classical Zuhd works.

Shaykha Um Ibrahim

Specialises in Quran &
womens' related issues.

*Detailed Info*

Seekers' Testimonials

Retreat FAQs

Teacher Bios

Admission Form

*$999 Early-Bird* before *October 1st 2016* then $1149 US Dollars.

Covers all expenses in-country such as visas, accommodation, park & museum admission and transportation.

For queries not answered in the FAQs, please feel free to email cordobaacademy@gmail.com

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