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46  Islam / Inspirational Islamic Stories / A Sheikh in a Dancing Club on: October 20, 2009, 05:21:41 AM
It was said to me: In our town, there was a small mosque, which was lead by an old sheikh. His life was spent in prayer, and in teaching. He noticed that the number of people praying was decreasing…as he was involved with them. They were like his children.

That day, he turned to his congregation and said, “What is going on with most of the people, especially the youth? They don’t come near the masjid, and they aren’t even familiar with it.” The congregation replied, “They are in the local dance clubs.” The Sheikh said, “Dance club!! What is a dance club??” One of the people said, “It is a big room that has a stage, with women dancing on it, and all the people look at them.” The Sheikh said, “I seek refuge with Allah…And the men that look at them are Muslims?” They said, “Yes.” He said with complete disavowal, “There is no movement or power except with Allah. It is upon us to advise the people.” They said, “Oh Sheikh, you will advise them in the club??” He said yes, and then he left the masjid saying, “Come on let’s go to the club.”
They tried to break his determination by stating that they would be met with mockery and ridicule, and they would be harmed. He responded by saying, “And are we better than Muhammad (SAW)”?! He then took the hand of one of the people and told him to show him the way to the club. The sheikh went with pure honesty, and without wavering. They then reached the club.
The owner of the club saw them from far away, he figured they were on their way to a class or lecture, so when they came up to him, he was shocked. They then went to the door of the club and he asked, “What do you need??” The Sheikh said, “We would like to advise those inside.” The man was shocked, and stared at them…he then apologized to them and didn’t let them enter. The sheikh then started to remind him of the great reward he could get from this, but the man refused. So the sheikh tried to convince him with money, until they reached however much this man made in a day. The man finally agreed, and asked them to come back tomorrow when the daily program started.

The next day, when the people were all in the club, and the stage was filled with the detestable sins, and the devils were murmuring and clapping for them, the curtain suddenly closed. It was then lifted, and sitting on a chair was the sheikh.
The people were bewildered, and shocked, some of them thought it was a joke. The sheikh began by saying bismillah, he praised Allah, and he sent peace and blessings on the messenger (SAW). He started and began to advise them. The people were all looking at one another, some of them started laughing, and some started to ridicule him. And the sheikh continued speaking without turning towards them. One of those that were present told the others to be quiet, and asked them to pay attention. The place began to become calm, and serenity started to fall on the hearts, until there was no more noise…and the only sound was the voice of the sheikh.
He told them words that they never heard before, verses that make mountains tremble, hadeeths and examples, and stories of the repentance of wrongdoers. He then said, “Oh people, you lived long lives, and disobeyed Allah much. So where did the amusement of these sins go? Surely the amusement has left, and what remains are dark pages that you will be asked about on the Day of Judgment. A day will come where everything will perish except the One, the Irresistible. Oh people, have you looked to your actions, and where they will take you? You cannot bear the fire in this life, and it is just one part from 70 parts of hell-fire. So rush to repentance before time runs out.” The sheikh began to be emotionally affected by what he was saying, it was just words, but they were spoken from his heart, so they reached their hearts. The people were crying. So he continued with his talk, he then made supplication for them, and asked Allah to give them mercy, and forgiveness. And they replied with, “ameen…ameen.” He then rose from his chair, calmly and composed. He left, and everyone followed him, yes, everyone. Their repentance was by his hands, they learned the secret of life, and that the female dancers and enjoyment was of no benefit…If the dark pages have become many, and the sins have increased, even the owner of the club repented and regretted what he had done.

47  Islam / Islamic Websites / Videos & Islamic Courses web sites. on: June 17, 2009, 11:23:24 AM

Assalamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu.

www.islamictube.net------> Islamic Videos

www.islamtoday.com------> Q&A

www.islamiconlineuniversity.com-----> May Islamic courses under different scholars with certification.

These are few websites that could be useful Inshallah.

48  Islam / Ask a question on Islam / Appearing of Prophet(saw) in ones dream. on: June 17, 2009, 11:01:30 AM

Assalamaulikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu.

My question is regarding dream

Is it true that  Prophet(saw) appear in ones dream and if he does sees him should he narrate it to others or not,what is the sign of that dream.

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