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121  Islam / Islamic Article Discussion / Historic Event: Imam Malik (RA) Convention in Holland on: June 03, 2012, 12:25:16 AM
By the grace and permission of Allah. This unique and historic event in Holland has come to a close.
It was a great gathering of scholars from Holland, Kuwait and the United States.

Some of the feedback received so far:-

as-salaamu 3alaykum wa ra7matullaahi wa barakaatuhu

Al-7amdulillaah wa Sub7aan Allah, this was an amazing experience!!! I'm not capable enough to express my self in the English language, but...
three days of sitting, listening, coffee, following the reading, fawa-id of Imam Malik, staying awake, coffee, reading the Muwatta', coffee, morning classes, no time for breakfast, coffee, few hours sleep, praying together, listening, coffee, serious students came all for the same goal, no time for breakfast, coffee, Shuyukh: Shaykh Mohammed Daniel with high sanad, coffee, Shaykh Jalal 'Ali Al-Jihani the reader, and guest Shaykh Mohammed Al-Ninowy and (local) Shaykh Al-Bakkali, coffee and in the end an emotional release of delight by the Shuyukh and students after three days of reading of almost 2000 ahaadith, water...
Respect and thanks for our Shaykh Mohammed Daniel who gave us very inspiring lectures and fawa-id of Imam Malik during the reading and in the morning classes and at the end giving us the ijazah of the Muwatta and ijaazaat during the classes. I hope he was on time for his flight because it was very tight with the time schedule at the end and because of that I didn't get the chance to thank him properly. Wa barak Allahu fik wa jazak Allahu Khairen ya Shaykh, I hope Allah is very pleased with you and may He reward you for this amazing experience.
Respect and thanks for our local Shaykh Jalal Al-Jihani who read almost the whole Muwatta in a nice tempo with a nice voice. He made a beautiful difference in reading between the ahaadith and the Qur'an-parts. He did a great job, Jazahu Allahu Khairen.
As Harun mentioned there was a great blessing in the fact that we could not follow the program we planned due to circumstances and because of that we could finished the Muwatta, Allah is the Best Planner, Subhan Allah!
This Maqra'ah was an historical event for Holland and was a great blessing from Allah and all praises and thanks belongs to Him and I ask Allah to give Tawfiq to our shuyukh and students, aamin.Zakariya -abutasnim

All praise be to Allah that we (my wife and i) had the opertunity to join this event, to praise Allah and remind ourselfs of the sunnah of our beloved messenger s.a.w. It is hard to describe the feeling sitting there, listening, learning and spending the weekend with such serious and kind fellow Muslims. I hope to see all of you again soon on another event insha'Allah. May Allah reward the shuyukh as well as the brothers who organised this event. May Allah reward all of you with paradise insha'Allah. You did a great job! Tariq -tariqdevlieger

To read the schedule of the event, click here
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Cordoba Academy Website
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126  Islam / Islamic Article Discussion / Make a Wish: What do you wish for? on: March 26, 2012, 11:52:39 AM
I put this question to my esteemed mentor Shaikh Mohammed Daniel and he replied thus:

"This sounds to me to be the story in which Sayyidina Abdullah Ibn Umar ibn Khattab(RA) the great Sahabi and erudite scholar of this Ummah, showed his extreme sagacity in the company of three of the tabi'een.

Musab Ibn Zubair ibnul Awwam (RA), Urwah ibn Zubair ibnul Awwam (RA) and Abdul Malik ibn Marwan were gathered one day with Sayyidna Abdullah ibn Umar ibn Khattab(RA)

Musab ibn Zubair said; As we are next to the Kaa'ba let us all make a wish (ta manuw) and Allah may accept our wish through the blessing of this gathering and your responding with 'Ameen'

So they said to him, as you have suggested this, why don't you start by making your wish first.

So Musab ibn Zubair said, "I wish to have the wilayah (governorship) of Iraq and marry both Sukainah bint Husain (RA) and Aisha bint Talha ibn UbaydUllah (RA).

Then came the turn of Abdul Malik ibn Marwan and he said, "I wish to become the Khalifah of Muslims one day"

Then came the turn of Urwah ibn Zubair who said, "I want to be a leading Faqih and that people come to me seeking knowledge"

Then came the turn of Abdullah Ibn Umar (RA) who said, "As for me, my wish is only for Jannah"

Each of them lived to see their wish come true. As for Abdullah ibn Umar (RA) then inshAllah his wish will also come true in the hereafter.

It has a weak chain of narration, however there are many lessons to be learnt from it.

Source and more
127  Islam / Islamic Article Discussion / Shaikhul Hadeeth Yunus Jaunpuri Isnaads in books of Hadeeth on: March 17, 2012, 12:29:59 PM
A short book detailing some of the most famous asaneed of India that the world famous Muhaddith Maulana Mohammed Yunus Jaunpuri (HA) has received from his scholars at the famous Indian seat of learning Mazahir al-Uloom. The book details his asaneed the six books of Hadith as well as the Shama'il al-Muhamadiyyah, Awa'il al-Sunbuliyah, Muwatta of Imam Malik in three riwayat and other texts.
Note: The book is in Arabic

Click here for more information and to download.
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129  Islam / Islamic Article Discussion / Re: Please help! Awrah of a young woman on: February 12, 2012, 04:08:46 AM
Yes, thank you for your advice.
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132  Islam / Inspirational Islamic Stories / Imam Shafi Complaining about his Memory on: January 02, 2012, 03:09:01 AM

Often times as students of knowledge we set our goals in terms of Ayāt and Abyāt, or how many verses and lines of text to memorize. It is easier to gauge our progress by taking measure of how much we have memorized. In times of distress or confusion regarding what to do in our lives, it is natural to seek out the counsel of trusted scholars and supplicating to Allah to remove the distress from us.

However is there anything else that we can focus on in our daily lives that can limit what we are caused to forget of the Qur’ān or Ahādīth? Is there anything we can do every day that will open our heart and intellect and make them better receptacles for knowledge?

Imām ash-Shafi’ī undoubtedly had a powerful memory. It is reported that he memorized al-Muwata from Imām Mālik in a single day. However he began to sense a deficiency in his ability to memorize and retain information, so he asked his Shaykh, the famous Wakī’ bin al-Jarrāh about that. So this situation was turned into prose:
شَكَوْتُ إِلَى وَكِيعٍ سُوءَ حِفْظِي... فَأَرْشَنِي إِلَى تَرْكِ الْمَعَاصِي
I complained to Wakī’ of a deficiency in my ability to memorize ** So he instructed me to abandon sin

وَقَالَ بِأَنَّ الْعِلْمَ نُورٌ ... وَنُورُ اللهِ لَا يُؤتَاهُ عَاصِي
And he said to me that knowledge is a light ** And the light of Allah is not granted to a sinner. [1]

For the rest of this article http://www.cordobaacademy.com/imm-ash-shafi-a-his-shaykh.html
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