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1  www.dailyhadith.co.uk / Feedback & Suggestions / Using different fonts and color on the main Hadiths text. on: June 15, 2009, 11:04:20 PM
Assalam Alaikum Brother,

May Allah (SWA) reward you for the good work.

Like i suggested in the previous feedback i sent to you. I feel if the email content is reduced it will be read faster and easier by many busy Muslims. The heading should not be repeated in the email content since its already been used as the 'subject. Another thing is to remove the salutations part and leave the Hadiths content alone. As Muslims we are used to saying 'Bismillah' whenever we are to perform any act. And for the 'salam' its compulsory to answer it when read, but many atimes we only read it and move to read the Hadith without answering. so in order to avoid that it can be remove or use as the 'email subject'.

However, if that is not possible you can simple use a different 'Font' and/or 'Font Color' on the main Hadith content so that the reader can easily glanced at it, read it and make salam.

I hope this will help.

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