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Title: just say alhamdulillah
Post by: happymuslimah on January 02, 2011, 12:21:22 PM
salam alaikum, this is beautiful poem that makes us realise that outer appearance is not important, and our character is what allah azza wa jal  will jugdes us by in aakhira

i got it from the website muslimahsource.org

By a sister called Umm Salihah

I thought eyes
of brown were sweet,
though blue was sharp,
and green;
my newly sightless friend said, longing:
“The prettiest eyes
can see.”
I decided
skin was fine
(in all my
favorite shades);
a leper passed and then I knew:
the best skin is
without disease.
I declared
long curly hair the
fairest of them all;
my bald friend, wistful, said it slow:
“It would be nice
to have any hair
at all.”
The next time you look in the mirror, remember to say: “Oh Allah! You have perfected
my person, thus perfect my character.” –(Ibn Hibban; Ad-Darimi)
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Title: Re: just say alhamdulillah
Post by: viqaruddin on January 03, 2011, 01:44:11 AM
Wa alaikum asslam wa wb
mashallah very nice