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Post by: viqaruddin on December 28, 2010, 11:43:30 PM
Assalam alaikum wa wb evry1...jus wanted 2 tell u the below one is nt mine..i actually came across it smewhere though its fictional but very inspiring n i want 2 share it wit u all especially my sisters in islam..its 4 u n ur impeccable imaan ..these kinda stories make us proud ..pls continue 2 do so...4ever

written  by our convert  bro Woodrow.

Shaytan was having a hard day. He was unable to find any true challanges to entice into following him into hellfire. The hypocrites and non-believers were no problem. He did not even have to search for them, they flocked to him by the millions every day. They were almost pests and more common then horse flies in a barn on a hot summer day.

"Hmmm" thought Shaytan "I need a real challenge to prove I can mislead anybody" "Where should I look for my prize victim?"

Then it came to him. Go to the Masjid and look for the most innocent person leaving after morning Fajr..He went and waited, soon many came out in a big rush to get to work. He thought "these people may be faithful, but they do not have the piety to stay for saying Du'as" He then decided to wait for the very last person to leave. After what seemed to be a very long wait a very young girl dressed modestly and wearing both a hijab and Niqab came out. Although Shaytan could not see her face or body he knew she was immaculately beautiful by the glow that surrounded her. Here is my challenge he thought.

His evil mind devised a plan to lead this innocent child into his clutches. She was young and pure but she was also at an age when she would have thoughts of marriage and thinking of a man in her arms. This was the weakness he would attack and lead this innocent into the trap of fitnah and zina.

He knew he could not conquer her directly, but he could easily entice a handsome young man who had already tasted and yearned for pleasures of the flesh. It was easy to whisper into this young man and tell him how lovely and desirable that young girl would be. He whispered to the young man ways to be deceitful, flirtatious and filled him with desire for the young girl.

The young man tried to seduce the girl with flirtation, but she scorned and ignored his advances. Shaytan whispered more and urged the man to be more forceful. The young girl did her best to fight him off but he was too big and too strong to fight him. She did her best and fought to her death. As she laid on the ground dieing a peaceful smile crossed her face and her last word was "Allaah(swt)

Shaytan was furious with anger, he struck out at the young man and shouted. "You fool you sent my prize directly to Allaah(swt) and because of you I have lost her forever for she surly will be in Jannah when I enter the Hellfire."

The young man answered "But you now have me?"

"Idiot" Shouted Shaytan "You always were mine, your own lustful desires sent you to me. I did not have to capture you. You ran to me and would still be going to the hellfire even if I had never spoken to you"

Post by: chakula on December 31, 2010, 03:10:43 AM

This story is really a touchable one and surely Shytan is the enemy of people who engaged in serving Allah s.w.t and fallowing the commendment laid down by Him through our beloved prophet s.a.w, therefore we would always try as hard as we can to derived away form shytan desires, teachings and the likes, by fallowing do's and don'ts of our beloved Religion.


Post by: happymuslimah on January 26, 2011, 02:33:46 PM
salaam alaikum, subhanallah that was a good story! may allah give us tawfique in this dunya and a righteous life and  make us all inhabitants of jannatulfirdose amin! jazakallahkhair for the post.

Post by: 9JAMAN on April 07, 2011, 10:34:14 AM
So touching! My bro n sis, we r much in trouble, we hav a battle to fyt against shaytan n his companions. I am a volunteer to fyt til death,what abt u?

Post by: poshsweetgirl13 on August 10, 2011, 11:03:37 AM
[/quote]  Mashallah this was a very resourceful story. May Allah keep us away from shaytaan AMEEN!